Las Vegas Shooting Renders NFL Protesters Irrelevant

As I watched the heroic efforts of Las Vegas law enforcement rushing to stop the carnage from the gunman who turned Las Vegas into a killing field, I could not help but think of the relative smallness and irrelevance of NFL players who continue to disrespect our flag and national anthem.

They raise their fists and kneel in support of a man who equated those and all cops to pigs.

As one witness to the mass-shooting told NBC News, ” . . . God bless the police officers . . . in a world where everyone’s kneeling, these guys stood up . . . ”

Someone praising the police.That’s the last thing the major media want their viewers to hear. That eyewitness hit the nail on the head.

Regardless of how these athletes and their defenders try to clean up the truth surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s intent and attitude about police and country, they are either disingenuous or ignorant of the words of the man who originated the fad, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” His protest is definitely about not showing pride in the flag.

As to the U.S. being a country that “oppresses black people and people of color,” if that were the case, this biracial athlete would not have been adopted and raised by a white family and siblings. An oppressive America, like the former apartheid South Africa, would not have allowed it.

For Kaepernick’s benefit and that of many copycat protesting athletes, South Africa is at the southernmost tip of South Africa on the continent of Africa. From 1948-1991, it had a system of real oppression known as “apartheid” — institutional racial segregation, discrimination, and state-sanctioned violence against those categorized as “black,” “colored,” or “Asian.”

As to those who say the anti-anthem protest is a matter of freedom of speech, would they say the same if white players carried a Confederate flag as they ran onto the field to protest the removal of monuments to Confederate generals?

Would black and white members of Congress kneel in support of those players’ rights to express their views? I doubt it!

Sadly, politically correct, left wing, progressive group-think philosophies have infiltrated the NFL allowing a few disgruntled athletes to give the finger to the vast majority of Americans from whom they derive their wealth.

If failing to respect the flag and the anthem at home wasn’t enough, some NFL owners and teams have allowed a few disgruntled players to export America’s political correctness and divisiveness to the international stage.

Two weeks ago, several members of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars took a knee during the national anthem before a football game in London. All of the kneeling players rose for the British national anthem.

This past Sunday, in the same London stadium, three members of the Miami Dolphins kneeled during the American national anthem but stood for the British anthem.

Miami Herald sportswriter Armando Silguero had it right when he said that “having the right to protest doesn’t mean it’s always the wise thing to do. And doing it on foreign soil raises questions about the moral clarity of the protesters.”

Prior to Sunday’s game, he had a message for players who might kneel for the American anthem but have no problem rising for the British anthem. He asked them to “consider a few truths” including, “The country whose anthem you are thinking of disrespecting has had a black president. The country whose anthem you intend to honor has never had a black king or queen or prime minister.”

He went on to say that disrespecting “your national anthem abroad and in the next moment honoring another country’s national anthem is an outright betrayal you may never be able to overcome.” Well said. So true.

Those black players who claimed to protest racial injustice in this country by kneeling for our anthem and standing for the British flag anthem, apparently don’t know much about history.

First, it is estimated that between 1640 and 1807, Britain transported 3.1 million Africans to the British colonies in the Caribbean, North and South America, and to other countries during the British slave trade.

Second, they probably don’t know that it was the oppressive rule of the British under King George III that prompted the founders of this country to break away from England in search of the liberty, freedom, and justice the flag they dishonor represents.

They also don’t realize that the real goal of many of those on the left encouraging them is to have the flag and national anthem removed from public events like prayer has been removed from schools.

NFL Is Latest Institution Being Destroyed by Identity Politics

Racial identity politics and division led to the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the on-going disintegration of the Democratic Party, and now is gnawing at the financial doors of the National Football League!
Sunday, over 200 NFL players either took a knee, sat down, or locked arms during the presentation of the American flag and the singing of the national anthem. This was in support of their colleagues who have been protesting racial injustice in America by doing the same. They say it is their right of free speech.

As far as the First Amendment rights of these players are concerned, let them exercise it on their own time, not in their workplace!

What if airline pilots, flight attendants, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, nurses, lawyers, and first responders decided to exercise their First Amendment rights and kneeled in their workplaces on their employers’ time for a particular cause?

They would be fired — and rightly so!

Here we have the NFL and many team owners coming to the defense of these protesters. Let’s be honest. If most of these players were white and advocating some cause such as “cops’ lives matter” or “all lives matter” and kneeled as these black players are, they would be dealt with much differently and probably harsher!

But, because most of these protesters are black, you can bet that the NFL and most team owners will yield to political correctness and do or say nothing that might earn them the title “racist.” That would be worse than getting in bed with a dozen rattlesnakes and cobras!

Consequently, they lock arms with players and bend over backward to show how fair, liberal, unbiased and unlike Trump they are.

In doing so, they allow NFL gamedays — workdays for players — and NFL workplaces — football stadiums — to be turned into political platforms of protest and disrespect for the national anthem, the American flag and all that they represent!

These owners are obviously good business people. So, the question is why are they not realizing that these protests are bad for business and eventually will hit them in their pocketbooks?

Their players may be mostly black and get millions to perform as gladiators in latter-day coliseums, but the majority of their customers are not. They pay the bills by purchasing the merchandise, luxury suites, and most of the seats. For the most part, they are patriotic, honor their flag and the national anthem, and include many veterans. Polls have shown that the vast majority of Americans oppose these protests.

As Michelle Malkin said recently, “there’s no business enterprise that is ever going to survive by insulting and trashing its own customer base… NFL players are currently disrespecting the many Americans who gave their lives for this country.”

She went on to say that the “NFL is making a big mistake by believing that conservative Americans are not their base and that conservatives do not have the economic power to shut them down.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took issue with Trump, saying that his comments “demonstrate …an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL…and our players …and failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our…players represents in our communities.”

Goodell sounded like an indignant parent who is upset when a teacher complains about their spoiled child’s anti-social behavior at school!

Is he kidding?

Lack of respect for the NFL and players?

These pampered athletes are the ones showing a “lack of respect.” As Trump put it, their conduct is “disrespectful of our heritage and everything we stand for.”

If they keep it up, the NFL might one day stand for, as Malkin said, “No Fans Left”!

While Goodell talked about the force for good that the players represent in their communities, I would ask those protesting a few questions:

How many have gone to Chicago, Miami, Baltimore and other cities ravaged by urban gun violence to kneel in protest over the hundreds of blacks, including young innocent children, killed by other blacks?
How many have reached out to provide financial assistance to a black man’s family whom they believed was unjustly killed by police?
How many have gone into inner cities to work with young black youth to keep them away from a life of crime and violence?
How many have given portions of their seven-figure salaries to the families of innocent children killed in gangland crossfire to provide scholarships for their siblings to attend college?
How many contributions to the advancement of black economic progress by utilizing black accountants, advisers, managers, agents, attorneys, realtors and other professionals?
How many have established scholarships at their alma maters or Historically Black Colleges and Universities for blacks who otherwise could not afford to go to college?
How many have urged young black men to finish school and not contribute to the 70 percent black illegitimacy rate?
I would be surprised if more than a handful could say they have done any of these things for the black community for which they say they are kneeling.

As to those Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens players who went to London and kneeled during the American anthem, then stood during “God Save the Queen,” Britain’s national anthem, since they admire the British flag so much, maybe they should have stayed there!

Nothing ‘Deplorable’ About Those Rescuing Harvey, Irma Victims

All Americans can be proud of the countless acts of generosity, heroism, and unselfishness of those rushing to help victims in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

In Texas, members of the “Cajun Navy” came from Louisiana to help rescue flood victims in Houston. Utility company crews from nearly 30 states rushed to Florida to help restore power to more than six million people, that’s 60 percent of the state. And in New York, police and fire department teams went to Florida and Texas, assisting with rescue efforts there. Also, the 106th Rescue Wing of the New York Air National Guard was deployed by New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, directing them to these rescue efforts.

These, as well as the valiant work of the U.S. Coast Guard and other members of the military, were just a few of the acts of tireless, unselfish heroism of thousands of Americans expediting assistance to their fellow Americans in distress. No one cared about the race or color of the victims.

As I watched video and viewed pictures of the “Cajun Navy” rescuing blacks and whites from Houston’s flood-ravaged homes, power company linemen in their trucks queued up ready for dispatch to various communities to restore power after Irma.

Rescue teams from the New York police and fire departments convoyed, assisting in both Texas and Florida, as did members of our military. Yet, I couldn’t help but think, that in other circumstances (referring to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic establishment’s coastal elites, and much of the hate Trump media; including many of the tuxedoed progressives on display at the Emmy Award ceremony) most of these heroic volunteers would be considered to belong to the “deplorables,” that is “racists” and “rednecks,” because most of them most likely supported our current president.

Remember when Hillary said ” . . . you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorable . . . racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic . . . ” Clinton later said she regretted saying “half.”

These likely Trump supporters and heroes are the people who the highbrows at ABC and ESP (P for “political”) N show contempt for when they fire personalities who make any comments in a pro-conservative vein, like Curt Shilling tweeting about transgender bathrooms or Hank Williams Jr. saying negative things about Barack Obama.

Yet, black liberal ESPN “SportsCenter” anchor Jemele Hill can call the president a “white supremacist,” “bigot,” and “unfit” for office and still keep her job.

The likely reasons she was not fired is probably because 99 percent of the major network and cable elites share her views. Do ESPN viewers and those heroes of Harvey and Irma? It’s highly doubtful.

ABC/ESPN inaction on Ms. Hill reveals that the corporate brass has a similar view — not only on Trump, but also of those who voted for and support him. Supporters and voters —like many of the unsung heroes of the past few weeks.

These network and cable progressive blue bloods can favor and side with Jemele Hill all they want. They do so at the risk of turning off a vast audience of blue collar “deplorables” supportive of Mr. Trump and who were offended by her outrageous comments. Hopefully, they will decide that SportsCenter and ES-Political-N are not their cup of viewing tea!

As I recently said on Newsmax TV’s “America Talks Live,” ESPN should be apologizing to the president. “Hill is getting a pass because she is black and if you are a black liberal you can say anything you want to against anyone on the right . . . ESPN will start to lose viewers . . . just as the NFL has . . . ” over the disrespect Colin Kaepernick and others have shown for the national anthem.

Jemele Hill should have been fired!

Be assured that the media and Democratic elitists in New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. bent over backward to resist commending Trump and Republican governors in Texas and Florida for doing what a Democratic governor did not do in Louisiana’s Katrina!

While victims of Harvey and Irma were being rescued and assisted by those whom many progressives and media pundits deplore as rednecks and deplorables, no doubt more than a few of were just looking for federal missteps so they could attack Trump.

In fact, there are those who believe that some of the pundits at MSNBC and CNN, and certain newspapers, would have preferred more loss of life and confusion in federal response so they could use these human tragedies to blame Trump. These are the very low levels both journalism and politics have sunk to in our nation.

You can bet that many in the mainstream media who criticized Trump’s so-called lack of empathy and the first lady’s shoes would and do not associate with people like those in distress in Texas and Florida — unless they happen to be their housekeeper, driver, hotel maids, lawn tenders, electricians, plumbers, or others they take for granted and — admit it or not — are looked down upon, as did Hillary Clinton.

As we enter the last half of the Atlantic hurricane season, let’s hope the day will not come when these anti-Trump elites and their families need to be rescued by Trump’s “deplorables.”

Charlottesville Revealed Republican and Democratic Hypocrisy

One thing that the Charlottesville tragedy laid bare for all to see was the hypocrisy of Republicans and Democrats on race and violence.

First the Republicans.

It seems that every major national and state-wide Republican of note rushed to condemn the white supremacy represented by those in Charlottesville protesting the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.

The question for them: now that you have joined the anti-racism chorus and criticized President Trump for his responses on the matter, what have you done in your own spheres of influence to fight racism and foster racial dialogue?

For Congressional Republicans, Senators, Governors, and candidates for statewide office who have been so quick to condemn racism:

How many blacks are on your senior staffs, especially those of you who have significant black populations in your Districts or states?
How many of you have black political consultants who share in the lucrative contracts of your campaign committees and have town meetings in your black communities?
As to Senator John McCain, R-Nev., and Mitt Romney who have commented on Charlottesville, if you are so concerned about race relations, why did your presidential campaigns all but ignore blacks?
The list of black Republicans for local, state, and national office who have advised me of how their candidacies and constituencies have received the back of the hand from local, state, and national Republican campaign organizations is too extensive to list.

Listen to George Farrell, Chairman of BLAKPAC which works for the election of conservative black and white officeholders such as successful Georgia GOP Congressional candidate Karen Handle who said: “I am greatly dismayed at how many GOP candidates for local, state, and federal offices have no desire to appeal to black voters!”

Former Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll summed it up nicely:

“In the 21st century, it is unfortunate that the most significant accomplishments regarding blacks that Republicans can point to — other than the historic and key appointments of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice under George W. Bush — was the crucial role Republicans played in the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965 respectively — in the last century — and that Lincoln freed the slaves!”

And then we have the hypocrisy of Democrats.

While national Democrat leaders almost en masse condemned the violence and hateful rhetoric of white supremacist protesters in Charlottesville, they have been mostly silent and turned a blind eye to expressions of hatred and violence from the left. They did not rush to condemn and disavow:

Missouri Democrat State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal who wrote: “I hope Trump is assassinated.”
Black Lives Matter movement anti-cop protesters chanting “Pigs in a blanket fry ’em like bacon.”
New York demonstrators shouting they wanted “dead cops…now.”
Masked anti-Trump protesters who burned cars and smashed windows at the inauguration.
Mobs with clubs and shields who set fires threw Molotov cocktails and smashed windows at Berkeley.
This past weekend we saw two more examples of Democrats’ hypocrisy: the failure to condemn the killing of two police officers in Kissimmee, Florida, and the shooting of four others — two in Jacksonville, Florida, and two in Pennsylvania; and, the refusal to disavow the anti-police rhetoric of protestors in Texas who chanted: “oink, oink, bang, bang” and “cops and Klan go hand in hand.”

The same media that rushed to get Republicans to comment on Trump’s Charlottesville statements rarely if ever finds the time to ask Democrats to comment on or disavow the hateful comments and actions cited above!

Progressives and Democrats seem to think that they are the only ones entitled to use inciteful and inflammatory language without consequence. We have seen Democrats feed the political vitriol by turning a blind eye to Kathy Griffin’s beheaded image of the president and the portrayal of the assassination of the president in a New York play.

If white supremacists see Democrats and left-wing protesters getting away with violent conduct and hateful language with little if any condemnation or accountability from the media or Democrat leaders, why shouldn’t they say “it’s our turn to reciprocate” as they did in Charlottesville?

Racial identity politics is dangerous no matter who plays the game — white supremacists like those in Charlottesville, or black and white Democrats who have made it an art form — especially over the past eight years!

Democratic politicians pretend they want racial harmony and non-violence, but, insist on fostering racial division with inflammatory rhetoric that exploits emotions and heightens tensions. Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean implies that the GOP is the party of racism; House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Ca., and Senator Corey Booker, D-N.J., want to remove Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol; and, Reverend Al Sharpton wants to end all public funding for the Jefferson Memorial!

How many black jobs and diplomas will that produce?

I have written in this space that the unchallenged, vitriolic and venomous language and violence of the left was going to “get someone hurt…or worse” and would not stop until it led to a “political execution.” Unfortunately, those predictions came to pass in Virginia and Charlottesville.

Democrats and their allies on the left are playing a dangerous game exploiting racial identity politics. It is only a matter of time before it results in more violence, injury, and death!

Black Journalists’ Ambush of Trump Aide Reveals Liberal Bias

It’s no secret that black conservatives are not well-received by the mainstream white media establishment and that most black journalists working in that community reflect the liberal progressive ideology of their bosses.

They have something else in common: they are as obsessed with “hate Trump” mania as they were with the “worship Obama” mania of the past eight years.

The disgraceful and disrespectable treatment of the highest-ranking black woman in the Trump administration, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, at the recent convention of National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) in New Orleans is a case in point.

The NABJ is the largest organization of minority journalists in the nation. It performs a valuable service at its annual convention which features prominent speakers; conducts workshops and career fairs; provides networking opportunities; and — honors outstanding black journalists.

This year’s honorees included Yvette Miley of NBC/Universal, April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, and Bobby R. Henry publisher of the Westside Gazette newspaper in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Unfortunately, like white liberal mainstream media organizations, apparently much of the NABJ membership has little tolerance for diversity of political opinion, although some may believe that they have no other choice working in liberal media companies were to voice conservative views could be detrimental to their careers!

Manigault-Newman, director of communications for the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, should be given kudos just for showing up after getting a last-minute invitation — she was not even listed on the original program!

Two of the planned panel members from major publications—including the intended moderator — refused to attend when they learned of her participation.

Manigault-Newman was put on a panel on police and the black community and had planned to discuss her personal family tragedy of the murder of her father and brother in Youngstown, Ohio.

She was preceded by family members of two black men killed by police. The audience was then treated to a clip of Trump’s recent comment to a group of police implying he favored rough treatment of criminal suspects.

Substitute moderator Ed Gordon of Bounce TV did his unprofessional best to belittle Manigault-Newman and attack her for any and all perceived sins of the Trump administration. How’s that for an ambush?

She said that her personal tragedy has allowed her to understand the pain of families who have lost children or loved ones to gun violence. This apparently did not impress Gordon or the partisan crowd.

To add insult to disrespectful injury, in addition to a continual chorus of snickers and laughter, several in the audience — including black women — stood with their backs turned to the stage as the highest ranking black woman in the government attempted to speak!

 So much for all the rhetoric we hear about respecting black women, I guess it depends on their politics.

Notwithstanding the aggressive and often bullish macho behavior of the moderator and hostility of the group, Manigault-Newman held her ground telling them that she is often the “only African-American representative in the White House and tries to be an advocate on behalf of black people.

Neither Gordon nor the audience cared. I guess they’d rather have no one at the White House table looking like them!

Rightfully fed up with the disrespectful treatment, she left the stage ending a very disappointing and unprofessional moment in the annals of the NABJ. Although the mainstream media, for which most of the over 1,000 journalists work, devoted scant if any coverage of the convention, this incident received widespread attention.

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) recently rejected an invitation to a White House meeting with the president. Based on the treatment of Manigault-Newman, the NABJ won’t have an opportunity to reject such an invitation. So much for the interests of the people, black journalists say they are supposed to represent!

A major purpose of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) equal employment opportunity rules in the 1970’s, which I assisted in drafting with then Commissioner Benjamin L. Hooks, who later became President of the NAACP, was that the employment of blacks and minorities would bring sensitivity to the problems and needs of minority communities. That was always a rebuttable presumption.

Lack of diversity of opinion and viewpoint among black journalists gives a false impression — especially to their white bosses and to the public — that all blacks think alike. If black journalists mimic the same liberal views on politics and other issues as their white liberal counterparts, other than cosmetics, some would ask what difference does their presence make?

Black journalists should take note that Hispanic and Asian journalists are fast becoming the “new black” — and they are more politically diverse.

I would be willing to wager that a group of Asian or Hispanic journalists would not have been so disrespectful to one of their own in such a position.

Faith in Justice Remains Only if Mueller Probes Genuine

It looks like the Mueller fix is in. With a recent survey showing that Democrats hold a staggering 61 percent disapproval rating among working class white voters in key districts, Democrats are targeting in the midterms, you can bet that Democrats, their allies in the mainstream media, the deep state, and a few Pontius Pilate Republicans, are hoping that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller — and his team of Clinton loyalist prosecutors — will be able to go around the ballot box and destroy the Trump presidency.

Initially reported by and McClatchy, the survey was commissioned by the Democrats’ own party-backed House Majority PAC. It showed that Republicans still had a 10-point lead, 43 to 33 percent, on the generic ballot among these blue-collar voters.

Furthermore, it noted that Trump had a very respectable 52 percent job approval rating with the demographic in these districts.

That’s not good news for Democrats and their media elite allies who are itching to get some help from Mueller and an anti-Trump District of Columbia prospective jury pool.

As liberal legal scholar Alan Dershowitz recently said, the District of Columbia ” . . . has an ethnic and racial composition that might be very unfavorable to the Trump administration.”

When asked by an interviewer if he thinks this move stacks the deck against the president, Dershowitz said, “Yes, I do . . . the prosecutor . . . will have a real advantage with the jury pool . . . ”

Whether they know it or not, coastal liberal Democrat elites and their snooty leftist allies in the major media — who are doing everything they can to destroy the Trump presidency —are turning off working-class white voters whose values they scorn and whose votes they will need!

That’s why they will need all the help they can get from Mueller to get rid of Trump outside of the ballot box.

Regardless of any reasons that may have been given for the rejection of Democrats, I believe that, other than continual obstruction and resistance to Trump’s agenda, an unstated reason is the message and image Democrats and their leftist allies are sending to white middle- and working-class America.

And what are those images, voices and messages beaming into West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other Trump state homes?

There was Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., calling the new White House Chief of Staff and decorated former four-star Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly an “extremist” saying he would “militarize” the White House.

Lee was the only no vote on the invasion of Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks; a great fan of Fidel Castro who visited Cuba more than 20 times; and, who after his death called him a global leader who should be mourned.

And then there is Lee’s fellow left coast liberal Congressional Black Caucus colleague, Representative Maxine Waters, D-Calif. — the new face of the Democratic Party. Waters is also a Castro lover, demanding the impeachment of the president, calling Trump’s distinguished Cabinet a bunch of “scumbags.”

Waters recently implied that liberal Democrat Alan Dershowitz was a racist for acknowledging the racial and ethnic demographics of the Washington, D.C. jury pool and even said she supported the illegal leaks of presidential conversations with foreign heads of state.

Next, we have former Democratic National Committee deputy press secretary Jose Aristimuno who defended sanctuary cities on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after an illegal alien, who had been deported 20 times, allegedly assaulted a 65 year old woman in Portland, Ore. Officials had refused to turn him over to the immigration authorities, due to their sanctuary city policies.

Like other apologists for sanctuary cities, Aristimuno refused to condemn the failure to obey federal immigration laws. And let’s not ignore the potty-mouthed oratory of Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez who dresses up his speeches with profanity on a regular basis and other Democrats such as New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., who treated an audience to an F-bomb laced anti-Trump speech at New York University in June.

Such comments may play well for the Trump resistance in the liberal strongholds of California, New York and Massachusetts, but they are not reflected in the values of the vast majority of working-class voters who elected Trump.

Democrats might think that Mueller is their best hope to destroy Trump. But, he could be their worst nightmare.

If he and his pro-Clinton prosecutors go rogue and attempt to indict Trump, members of his family and destroy his presidency, voters like those at his West Virginia and Ohio rallies won’t sit idly by and watch what some have already described as a Democratic and media inspired political “crucifixion” in the works.

If that happens, the country could descend into unprecedented turmoil, with demonstrations and requiring The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and other media institutions of the left to be surrounded by security.

If you think Venezuela is unstable, just watch what will happen if a substantial proportion of the country comes to believe that Mueller’s so-called investigation is a sham and nothing more than an attempted coup by Democrats, their allies in the mainstream media, the deep state, and a few Pontius Pilate Republicans described above.

The credibility of American institutions of justice will all but destroyed.

Letting Democrats Control Healthcare Debate Blocks GOP Reforms

Watching U.S. Senate Republicans deal with health care reform, you would think they were in clown college and not members of a lawmaking body.

After promising constituents for seven years that they would repeal and replace Obamacare, they have thus far reneged — betraying the public trust.

One thing you can say about the Democrats, they stick together like a herd of sheep. They follow their shepherds wherever they may lead. Republicans on the other hand — in too many cases — are like a herd of cats to whom party discipline and unity mean nothing.

The result, if you were in a fire fight and needed air-support, you sure couldn’t count on this batch of Senate Republicans to come to the rescue. In fact, they would probably run the other way!

Although I can respect conservatives such as Rand Paul, R-Ky., who considered the Senate proposal “Obamacare Lite” and a betrayal of Republican principles by “bailing out” insurance companies, I don’t have the same respect for Republican “moderates” who have apparently come to like Obamacare’s federal goodies.

Some would call them “RINOS”—Republicans in name only. I prefer to label them “Democrat-lites.”

At the first Democratic, media and left-wing artillery barrage saying the Senate proposal represented “tax cuts for the rich” and will kill thousands, these “Democrat-lites” turned tail, running for liberal cover. They were played like a violin by Democrats and the media, and danced to their tune.

Apparently, these Democrat-lites have become addicted to their own political opioid: the expansion of the Medicaid entitlement beyond caring for the poor and those unable to do for themselves to include able-bodied adults.

Until the president called all Senate Republicans to the White House for lunch, any hopes to get something done were dashed when three Democrat-lites — Sens. Shelly Moore Capito, R-W.Va., Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, R- Alaska — said they would not even support an effort to pass a bill that would repeal Obamacare now and work on a replacement over the next two years.

The main problem is that both the Democrat-lites and conservatives, by continuing their opposition to the Senate bill — which would impose annual caps on Medicaid spending and end what has been an open-ended entitlement — ruin any chance for slowing the growth of this massive entitlement.

Since the beginning of the health care debate, Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate have allowed Democrats to control the narrative and message — GOP proposals were going to bring doom and gloom, kill thousands of people and be a gift for the rich.

Democrats and their leftist supporters organized protests and scored unanswered media points one after the other while Republicans were virtually silent, offered no counter attacks, and put up little defense of their own bill. As usual, at the first sign of Democratic and media attacks, Democrat-lites ran for the hills.

In fact, we heard more positive points about the Senate bill in five minutes from the president during the lunch with the senators than we have heard from Senate Republicans in the past five weeks.

Republicans have been outgunned and out messaged by Democrats. The GOP has lacked fortitude, vision, message, commitment, stamina, and political savvy. Democrats at least show that they believe in and are willing to fight for something.

So what do Republicans believe in? We’ll see next week when they have a chance to support a procedural motion to at least consider the Senate bill.

If they do not, it will not be forgotten in 2018.

Black Cops’ Lives Don’t Matter to the Left

As the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and the nation’s law enforcement community prepare to pay final respects to assassinated NYPD officer Miosotis Familia, it is important to put her death and reaction thereto in perspective.

It’s an all too familiar story: a cop kills a black man and before all of the facts are known there are anti-police protests and in some cases violence as we saw in Baltimore, Milwaukee, and other cities.

Cop-hating groups such as the Obama-favored Black Lives Matter Movement and their leftist G-20 Summit-like anarchist allies take to the streets urging retribution including the killing of police, setting fires, burning and looting stores, and throwing bottles and other objects at police with rare, if any, condemnation by liberal leftist elites!

Contrast this to the reaction of the same groups and their liberal allies on the left when not one, but two black policewomen were executed — one in Orlando in January and most recently Officer Familia in the Bronx, New York.


Those so willing to be judge, jury, and executioners of cops when blacks are killed by cops were nowhere to be found when these two black policewomen were slain by black thugs.

The message from the left, including many black and white Democrat leaders, and their mainstream media allies: the lives of these two black cops did not matter!

In January, black Orlando Police Master Sergeant Debra Thomas Clayton was executed in a Walmart parking lot by black shooter, Markeith Loyd, wanted for killing his pregnant fiancée. Clayton, 42, was a 17-year veteran of the Orlando Police Department, a wife, mother, and very much involved in community outreach with youth, the elderly, and the local Urban League. She was posthumously promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

And just recently, shortly after midnight on the conclusion of the July 4 holiday, Officer Familia, 48, also black, was executed in her police vehicle by a black convicted felon, Alexander Bonds, who had served in prison for robbery and had allegedly assaulted a police officer with brass knuckles.

She leaves behind an 86-year-old mother for whom she was caretaker, 12-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, and a 20-year-old daughter. Her three children said their final goodbyes to their mother in the early morning hours at the hospital.

Before joining the NYPD, Familia had worked as a nurse and medical assistant at NYU Hospital and was a medical assistant for the American Red Cross.

The silence from black and Hispanic politicians, civil rights leaders, and the clergy in New York — and nationally, over her brutal death has been deafening just as it was, in many ways, in Orlando after the execution of Lieutenant Debra Thomas Clayton; and, after the execution of NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in 2014 by another black thug who cowardly-like took his own life.

We have not seen any marches and calls for “support our police”; “stop the violence against police;” or, marchers carrying posters with the image of the slain black policewomen saying “Remember Debra” or “Remember Miosotis” as was the case with Travon Martin or in the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” protests! And, of course, to the best of my knowledge, the Reverend Al Sharpton was nowhere to be seen or heard on this atrocity in his own city.

Will black athletes of New York professional baseball, basketball, and football teams honor Miosotis’ memory with moments of silence or raise funds for her children’s future?

Don’t bet on it!

If the shoe were on the other foot and these two officers had killed their assassins, those same groups would have been marching to demand justice for the slain thugs.

Based on their silence, one is led to think that the sympathies of far too many on the left, media elites, and so-called civil rights groups seem to be with those blacks who victimize and terrorize their own communities with guns, drugs, and gang violence — not with those blacks such as Lt. Clayton and Officer Familia who choose to protect their communities from such urban terrorists.

They apparently deem the deaths of such predators at the hands of police more deserving of outrage than the execution of two black policewomen by black assassins!

Has the GOP Lost the Will to Fight Back?

Now that Republicans have won four special elections, maybe Congressional Republicans and the Republican National Committee (RNC) will learn how to play hardball, quit letting Democrats steal bases, slide home, and score unanswered political points. Maybe they’ll also stop acting like the proverbial dog being wagged by the tail.

As we have seen through recent events, Democrats and their overt and covert allies on the left, including the major media, are united like a fist in an effort to — as we see in third world countries — overturn the November election and knock out Trump by any means necessary.

Instead of fighting such an American-style leftist attempted coup, Republicans, on the other hand, are disjointed, disorganized, and otherwise discombobulated.

For example, Republicans should have been embarrassed when Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., beat them to the punch calling for an investigation of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s possible interference in the FBI’s Clinton e-mail investigation.

If not, they should have been.

You would think that Senate Republicans and the RNC would have been all over fired FBI Director James Comey’s remarks regarding Lynch during and after his Intelligence Committee testimony.

Although Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, did inquire into Comey’s handling of the Clinton e-mail investigation there should have been a coordinated GOP response within hours — or at least the next day — asking for Lynch to appear. That’s how Democrats most likely would have played it.

Where is the GOP’s rapid response team to fight back? Is the RNC asleep at the attack switch?

It took several days after Comey’s remarks and two days after Feinstein’s comments for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, to send a letter to Feinstein, the committee’s ranking Democrat, saying the Committee should look into any attempts to influence the FBI’s investigations under the Obama Justice Department.

Committee members Cornyn, Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, also called for Lynch to testify — separately.

If the shoe had been on the other foot, you can bet that Democrats would have been all over the issue in a matter of hours — not days. They probably would have called a press conference urging an immediate investigation into possible illegal acts by a former Republican attorney general.

But Republicans appear to have no clue on how to play power politics and fight back. Instead of being aggressive attack dogs they act more like meek service dogs!

The Lynch matter is just one example of GOP service dog timidity. On Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s staff conflicts there was virtual silence. On Hillary’s Russian uranium deal, and her top aide John Podesta’s Russian connection there was virtual silence. On former National Security Council Susan Rice’s role in unmasking, there was virtual silence. And on the torrential leaks from the White House and so-called “deep state” — virtual silence.

Senate Democrats want to obstruct Senate business like spoiled and pouting children. Their goal is to stop any chance for the Senate to act on the GOP healthcare proposal or any part of the Trump agenda.

Why not fight back and cancel the July 4 recess if Democrats continue their obstinacy?

Another glaring example of GOP shyness is the failure by most to condemn and attribute the toxic political climate of hateful rhetoric and vitriol by some Democrats and their allies as contributing factors in the recent attempted assassination of Republican congressmen and senators. The result — Democrats just continue the mean rhetoric.

For example, not even a week after the attempted assassinations, Vermont Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and far left Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth (Donald You Ain’t Seen Nasty Yet) Warren hosted a Facebook Forum where they called their Republican colleagues “cowardly” and “frightful.” Sanders even told one questioner to fight back “any way you can.” So much for unity and non-violence.

I have not heard any Republicans condemn Sanders and Warren for their comments. They should be asked why so few of them, and their RNC, have not condemned this and similar rhetoric. Their silence, and that of much of the Democratic leadership, just encourages future violence and assassination attempts.

For some reason, Republicans have a difficult time linking evil rhetoric, radical speech and actions of their opponents to violent acts. Democrats and the media have no such qualms:

Bill Clinton blamed conservative talk show hosts for intolerance that led to the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.
The left blamed the tea party for fostering a climate of hate when Congresswoman Gabrielle (Gabby) Giffords, D-Ariz., was shot in 2011.
The New York Times was quick to blame the Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando on ” . . . the state of American politics, driven too often by Republican politicians who see prejudice as something to exploit, not extinguish.”
It is time for Republicans to stop laying back and letting Democrats and their cohorts, including organized protesters, kick sand in their face.

It would be a good beginning if, regarding the Senate health care proposal, Republican senators would fight back with strong messaging, tear down Democratic and media attacks on their proposal — which they haven’t even read — and stop acting like a “circular firing squad” on their own healthcare bill.

Violent Rhetoric of Left Called Out Many Times Before Shooting

“Someone is going to get hurt — or worse.”

I wrote those words in this space in a February column entitled “Democrats’ Rhetoric Risks Violence.”

Five people got hurt this week when one of the left’s shock troops, James T. Hodgkinson, no doubt acting on the hateful political anti-Trump rhetoric and actions of the left, opened fire on several Republican congressmen and senators practicing for a charity baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia. Before being killed by U.S. Capitol police, he critically wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., and injured four others.

Hodgkinson was a supporter of former Vermont Socialist Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a Trump hater and a loyal member of the Trump so-called “Resistance.” You can bet that he will be celebrated in the secret dungeons of the far left by many Trump haters as a true martyr in their war of Resistance against the Trump agenda. To give them cover, Resistance supporters in the elite media and Democratic establishment condemn his actions.

The chickens of vile political rhetoric, hateful images and obscenities directed at Trump and his agenda by Democratic politicians and their progressive allies — including the New York Times, Washington Post and certain cable news network hosts — have finally come home to roost!

I believe that the failure of so many liberals and Democratic leaders to condemn hateful actions and comments of their own supporters sent a message that they tacitly supported them. That obviously was not lost on the shooter and led to bloodshed! To date, no lives have been lost!

Democrats and their cohorts in the entertainment and media industry who have aided and abetted the atmosphere of hate and vitriol no doubt gave the shooter comfort. Assassinating a few Republicans would bring him covert praise from the left just as ISIS praises those who commit terroristic acts.

The left uses every kind of invective to degrade and demean Trump and his supporters as infidels just like ISIS labels their perceived enemies.

If it is okay to call for the frying of cops like bacon; pretend you are shooting, beheading, or stabbing the president; or, destroy property and prevent conservatives from speaking without any condemnation from Democrat leaders, then why not go the next step and kill a few of the infidels?

Keep in mind that it was not Trump supporters spewing hatred and despicable words against those with whom they had political disagreements. It was the Democrats’ key allies: from violent street and college campus protesters, potty-mouth politicians ranging from the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Tom Perez, the F*** Donald Trump chant at the California Democratic Party convention to the “F” bomb peppered anti-Trump remarks of New York Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at New York University. None of these actions merited any criticism from Democrat leaders.

Of course, after the shooting, the hypocrites were quick to express shock and dismay.

Senator Sanders rushed to the Senate floor to condemn violence and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Ca., said the shooting was an “injury in the family…we will use this occasion as one that brings us together, not separates us further.”

Give me a break!

Both are hypocrites on this issue and their comments were a day late and a dollar short!

Where was Sanders months ago on the violence against Trump supporters? Where was he when the Black Lives Movement urged the killing of police? Where was his condemnation of Kathy Griffin, the New York Shakespeare play depicting the assassination of Trump or the Snoop Dogg video of him shooting the President?

As to Pelosi, not more than 24 hours after her statements on the need for unity, she showed her real colors saying Trump’s rhetoric contributed to the shooting. Pelosi wanting unity is like an arsonist wanting to put out a fire!

If you want to know who is serious about ending the division, just look at who has been calling for less harsh rhetoric — mostly Republicans. Most Democrats are as silent about ending the harsh rhetoric as they were in condemning it!

Let’s hope that the violence ended in Alexandria and that radicals on the right do not decide to retaliate believing that retaliation is the only way to gain attention and respect in media, entertainment and political environment where they have been defamed.

It is a sad day in our country when such thoughts even have to be stated