Public Relations

The McKee Communications Team understands that, in this era of information overload, getting your message heard over the roar of a crowded marketplace is increasingly difficult. Whether the message is directed to government officials, the media, the general public or specific voter groups, McKee Communications works with you to devise and execute a workable strategic public relations messaging plan that can advance and solidify your positioning with targeted audiences.  Our seasoned PR team has many years of media expertise and an extensive network of contacts to help you position your organization and its key messages in ways that will be well received by the media. We will work with you to get the most out of every media asset, help foster your direct relationships with journalists and develop your reputation as an expert source.

Public Relations leverages the media and marketing enhances and spreads the message extending and amplifying the effectiveness all communications efforts–we combine both.

We’ll help you generate the “buzz” through bylined articles; reporter relationship building, press releases, press conference,e-mail campaigns, e-newsletters and other media relations activities.  Depending on your needs, we might suggest an attractive and optimized web site populated with clear concise copy, podcasts, videocasts and a blog. Or, we can design direct mail, print, online and outdoor ad campaigns or other options—all designed to let current and potential clients know about through direct marketing, including e-mail campaigns and e-newsletters to ensure your message is perceived as consistent, loud and clear at every touch point.

We know that strong marketing public relations can make all the difference in accomplishing the “mission”.