Customer Contact Solutions

Customer contact success depends in large part on selecting who to contact and keeping in contact with them. Most professionals know this, but knowing how to develop and execute a plan for contacting the customer file is another story.  The good news is that you can simplify the process by breaking it down into steps and then using list metrics to make sure that the plan is working.

At McKee Communications our Step one is identifying buyers and inquirers and segmenting them by typical analytical tools and then sorting them into common-sense groupings such as

  • best, most loyal customers or voters;
  • good customers who consistently produce reliable financial results from campaign to campaign;
  • problem segments — these include customer or voter groups that underperform because they are inactive or have low average order values (AOVs) and new-to-file (new registered voters) names who need motivation to make their second purchase or election; and
  • or inquirers who have asked for information about the company or visited the Website but have yet to make a purchase.

We also help our clients consider another aspect of segmentation: where new customers originated from — traditional mailing lists, space advertising, trade shows, search engines, affiliate marketing efforts. Don’t assume that a customer is a customer is a customer. In the same manner that we have historically found enormous differences in performance by customer segment, we are also finding parallel dissimilarities by where and how customers have found your company to make their first purchase.

McKee Communications second step of the customer contact plan is to develop the right strategy to match each of the customer list segments. Offers, number of contacts (mailings, remailings, e-mail campaigns, phone contacts), timing of promotional events, and testing are all part of strategy development.